Oak Brings Greatness, Especially on the Tough Nights

I had Great Comet tickets for last night’s show (Jul. 26), which happened hours after reading the absolute trainwreck of a statement about Oak Onaodowan’s run as Pierre being cut short.

Quick background: Mandy Patinkin watched Great Comet and, inspired by the show, wanted to be a part of it.  This is an actor with a remarkable history on stage and screen, an exciting idea to return to Broadway bringing the “Pierre” to Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, and- the clencher- a Homeland shooting schedule. 

Looking at Oak’s schedule, an installment in the actor’s amazing history of his own, Oak would have to end his run as Pierre early, which only started 2 weeks ago.

 And someone with a red pen and a casting schedule was like, “K.”

 You’re up to speed. Natasha is young, and reason isn’t here.

My heart is saddened to see Great Comet opening its arms to its next lead, unceremoniously disregarding the remainder of Oak’s performances like costume jewelry, when he’s weaving a string of pearls every night.

They’re saying words that describe a “legend,” “big star,” “masterful actor,” that’s to join them, when they already have one right in front of them.

I’m not sure what the Powers That Be are interpreting when they sit down to watch Oak, or if they have, but I saw a man on the swirling stage in charge of his own fate.



@OakSmash about to destroy me in the mezzanine

His performance enraptured me, moving me to tears when everyone disappeared and the lights focused on his lone figure on the stage.

The theatre resonated with the sounds of his voice and, not to be ignored, his piano and accordion playing.

I believed in his Pierre so vividly, but never quite allowed myself to forget the strength of the performance he was putting on in the midst of this.

I wish I could thank him for what I saw. For the work and soul he put into a dense role. For the gift of a performance that allowed me to bask in the story’s spirit and reminded me how thrilling a performance can be.

It would have been so easy to give a performance that night that was disconnected and distant.

Basically, I’d like to somehow Dragon Ball Z Kame Hame Ha the respect I have for him into his spirit via energy ball, because I left the theatre feeling electric with tears streaming down my face.

If nothing else, I hope to write a review that doesn’t make a premature ending feel like an actual end, but celebrates what you have already done with the room in our hearts, and will continue to do.

Featured Image: #makeroomforoak bracelets handed out at the show by @silentMacaroni


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