Thought Exhibit: Voicebox

I was chatting with an old professor about art and writing, Turkish coffee in our hands and leaves scattered at the feet of our chairs, and he asked to see my blog.  I pulled it up on my phone and his first statement was “Hm.  Haven’t posted since October.”

(To be fair, the second thing he said was, “Wow!” as he zoomed ominously far into Lauren Bacall’s portrait, my second to last post before I disappeared.)

But it’s true!  You know, about the not posting thing.  Lauren Bacall’s graphite rendering is subjective.

And I was a little ashamed because this isn’t my first “death-of-a-passion-project-disguised-as-unplugging” rodeo.  I’m here to declare: no, nothing is dying here.  I’m also here to declare: in order to renew your voice as an artist and make your best work, sometimes, you need some time.

These have been an interesting few months.  Personally – satisfying and baffling.  Nationally and internationally – loud.

It felt increasingly important to think, listen, and, when I could, step away from the screen and find a world that nurtured, and where I could witness people’s real time personalities in all its complexity.  Surely the world has its issues, but it couldn’t be as bad as it appeared online?

People were rattled to their passionate cores. Sometimes, surrounding oneself with this dissonance catalyzes something in the creative brain.  But I was just kind of exhausted- from that, from descending into bigger projects and getting stuck halfway down, and not to mention being “in the middle” of an existential crisis for a good half of 2016.

As a result, my personal work took a hit and my voice was a bit out of practice.

Not anymore!

My goal for this platform is to use my voice.  (I know, “is she actually making a new year’s resolution? Right here, right now?”  YES!)

And if I need to rest it, not to rest it for 3 months and let temporary things get in the way of more permanent joy.

2016 was dark, man.  2017 will be a different, more cuddly animal.  Probably a deer.  We’ll see!

Thought Exhibit will see more photography, video, fashion, and art this year!  All paired with commentary by an author who’s intense and in it like every single birdwatcher I’ve ever met who searches for things while we just stand there.  There is no casual walk.  There is magic on every path.  There is responsibility in this hobby.  Let’s see what we can achieve!


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